Charlotte Jackson Fine Art
200 W. Marcy St. Ste. 101
Santa Fe NM US
tel: 505.989.8688
fax: 505.989.9898

Gallery Information
Charlotte Jackson Fine Art, established in 1989, is a gallery dedicated to presenting the finest monochromatic, reductive and Modernist work to serious collectors from all over the world. Among the American and European artists represented by the gallery are such well-known painters as Rudolf de Crignis, Tony DeLap, Marcia Hafif, Frederick Hammersley, Joseph Marioni, Florence Miller Pierce, Winston Roeth and Phil Sims. Hafif, Marioni and Sims were leaders in the Radical Painting movement in New York in the 1970s. The work done by these painters created a new current in European and American art, one which continues its influence and its appeal into the present. Secondary market work by such minimalist artists as Agnes Martin, James Turrell, Josef Albers, Ellsworth Kelly and Burgoyne Diller is also available.

Whether visiting in person or via our web site, collectors and art professionals are immediately struck by the gallery's focus on color. Rich primaries and subtle blended hues are presented in a range of styles and materials. First-time visitors are often astounded at the wide variety of possibilities for dealing with the subject of color. Oil and acrylic are applied to canvas and linen in multiple layers that achieve richly textured or extremely smooth surfaces. Metal supports worked with industrial processes yield shimmering, almost holographic color. Rare pigments and pre-Renaissance techniques in egg tempera produce the softest of surfaces. Resin, combined with pigment and milled fiberglass and poured onto mirrored Plexiglas, gives rise to luminous color and subtly shifting hues. Shaped supports lend a sculptural element to some pieces.

The common denominator in these widely differing styles and materials is the high quality that is apparent in all the work in the gallery. Work by these established artists resides in private and public collections throughout the world, including the Whitney, Albright Knox, Beyeler, J. Paul Getty and Birmingham museums, and famous collections such as the Panza di Biumo Collection in Milan.

This work is participatory in the most fundamental sense of the word. The viewer is invited to linger in front of a painting and use it as a medium for contemplation. Surface texture and variations in hue provide an intense sense of movement. Many pieces present different effects when viewed from different angles, encouraging the viewer to move around in order to grasp all the possibilities.

Michael Eastman