Dangerous Curve
500 Molino Street #102
Los Angeles CA 90013
tel: 213.617.8483

Gallery Information
Dangerous Curve is the leading contemporary art space in the Artists District of Los Angeles.  It is a privately run venue for live art, experimental art and music, and installations.  The gallery supports visionary established and emerging artists of all ages, with live art residencies and one-person shows of risky, intelligent work.  Exhibit artists include Sky Burchard, Mariel Carranza, Susan Chorpenning, Aaron Garber-Maikovska, Richard Godfrey, Kathryn Hargreaves, Christina Guerrero Harmon, Osman Khan, Karyl Newman, Le Pinchefuntastique, Tim Quinn, Ry Rocklen, Brian Routh, and Steven Simon.  Live artists include Linda J. Albertano, ArsFidelis, ap, Michael Bauer, Bob Bellerue, Nathalie Broizat, The Bundle (Kraig Grady, Brad Smith, Laura McMurray), The Bushes (Ry Rocklen and Nick Lowe), Aileen Campbell, Mariel Carranza, Simone Gad, Aaron Garber-Maikovska, Kimberly Gooze, Kathryn Hargreaves, Anna Homler and Michael Intriere, Dawn Kasper, Silvana Kenney, Yo Kwon, Marcos Lutyens, Emily Newman, Jonas Ohlsson, Ken Okuno, Josie Roth, The Swinging Chandeliers (Joseph Hammer and Sayo Mituishi), Drew Schnurr, Survival Research Labs, and Chris Tallon. Dangerous Curve will reopen in early 2006 after extensive renovations.


artist list to follow